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    Rolex Day Date 2 or...

    Is it worth paying that much for a "presidential" when you can get something like a VC or PP or AP for the same price? Or am I missing something. Perhaps I'm kind of desensitized to rolex (at that price point anyway).


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    Re: Rolex Day Date 2 or...

    Retracted, sorry...
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    Re: Rolex Day Date 2 or...

    Comes near to a personal choice, right ? Buy the watch which attracts you most. You will wear it for a long time.

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    Re: Rolex Day Date 2 or...

    take a look at the prices of used rolex's that are selling. you wont get what you paid for a rolex but you will get more than most of the other brands out there for sale. something to remember if times get bad for you.
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    Re: Rolex Day Date 2 or...

    a thing to consider....a Rolex will be easier & less expensive to service than the other super high end watches. Some of those high end pieces will have to shipped back to Europe.

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