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    Rolex daydate question

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    Hey guys so I'm new to this forum but I had a question about my dads day date. He basically got it as a wedding gift from my uncle so it's from around late seventies to early 80s and he hasn't worn it for about 20 years now so it's been lying dormant. I want to get it fixed up but I was wondering how much the price range would be if I took it to the rolex service center the crown is stuck and won't budge the clasp won't close and the cyclops and crystal are pretty scratched. Sorry for making this so long.

    -find dads rolex day date
    -want to know how much it cost to repair at rolex service center
    -crown stuck
    -crystal needs to be replaced cuz scratched
    -clasp won't close on the band

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    Re: Rolex daydate question

    Quote Originally Posted by Koreanko99 View Post
    .... I was wondering how much the price range would be if I took it to the rolex service center....
    Why not ask them for an estimate? Standard Rolex service will probably include both crown replacement and replacement of acrylic crystal. Your Rolex has a screw-down crown. If you were not aware of this perhaps you assumed it was stuck because it wouldn't wind or pull out to set time. Maybe you do know this and it is stuck. Anyway a full service will probably run upwards of $600 at Rolex. A good independent will be less.
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    Re: Rolex daydate question

    A full service for a Rolex with plastic crystal usually includes a new crystal in the cost. Crown and tube problems are a pretty common repair but not included. Your profile doesn't say where you're located, but there are lots of places to get a Rolex serviced.

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    Re: Rolex daydate question

    Yes, as mentioned those are all common repairs that the Rolex center could easily repair. They will likely recommend a complete servicing rather than just repairing the problems you mentioned. Regarding the stuck crown have you tried turning it counterclockwise? Rolex watches I'm familiar with use a screwdown (threaded) crown that has to be unscrewed before it can be pulled out to set the watch. Although the price range is likely to be well north of $500 it is an important watch. Send the watch in for an estimate.
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