Rolex, Rolex or.... Rolex

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  • SubC TT (sunburst blue)

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  • GMT Master II BLNR

    48 45.71%
  • SubC no date

    45 42.86%
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Thread: Rolex, Rolex or.... Rolex

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    Rolex, Rolex or.... Rolex

    Good evening ladies and gents, I've been away from this dangerous forum for a couple of years now, but unfortunately have just recently returned to the hobby with a vengeance. I'm having some trouble making the decision on my next watch and would like to ask for all your expert opinions on the matter...

    I'm a professional desk diver working for a company with a semi-casual dress code, think polo and khakis in the summer and button up shirt and khakis and dress-pants in the winter, ties maybe 1-2 times a week.

    I'm looking at the following options:

    1. Rolex TT Sub C (sunburst blue dial) - the most attention grabbing of the bunch, fantastic on the wrist but I am unsure of how versatile it will be for day-to-day wear. Also, I'm slightly worried about scratches on the gold polished centre links marring the beautiful finish. I did try the black TT in SubC and GMT II but those didn't grab me the same way the blue did.

    Name:  rolex-submariner-116613lb-01.jpg
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    2. Rolex GMT Master II BLNR - a little more subtle, a little more functionality, and I love the splash of blue on the bezel & GMT hand but am unsure about the giant numbers and whether they will get to me sometime down the road. Also, the same concerns with scratching as the privous option also holds true for the polished centre links of this watch.

    Name:  RolexGMTMasterII-1_zps7a0f2026-700x350.jpg
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    3. Rolex Sub C no date - The iconic Rolex (although not the same one James Bond wore), incredible versatility, will be able to dress up or down. Downside is that it is the most regularly seen and thus copied Rolex and the stern visuals of the watch will likely not excite me as much as the previous two options once the honeymoon phase is over.

    Name:  Rolex_Submariner_2012_150.jpg
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    My current Rolex collection of one is the Daytona Everose C Brown.

    Name:  rolex-oyster-perpetual-cosmograph-daytona-automatic-chronograph-watch.jpg
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    Thanks in advance all!
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    Re: Rolex, Rolex or.... Rolex

    I don't like the new Rolex sport watch proportions, dials, or polished center links. If you're into the new stuff and don't care about a date, you might look at the Explorer. It's less common than the other models and, except for the hands, better proportioned than the Sub and GMT IMO.

    I own the previous versions of the Sub Date and GMT II in SS. Those are the ones I'd search out in your situation.

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    Re: Rolex, Rolex or.... Rolex

    any chance we can get a wrist shot of that daytona? I vote GMT
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    Re: Rolex, Rolex or.... Rolex

    For me, the blue sub is the best looking out of the 3.

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    Re: Rolex, Rolex or.... Rolex

    GMT Master.
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    Re: Rolex, Rolex or.... Rolex

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    Re: Rolex, Rolex or.... Rolex

    blue sub
    Caveat lector

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    Re: Rolex, Rolex or.... Rolex

    Rolex's current offerings don't do much for me at all. I can't believe those fat lugs, fat hands and oversized hour markers made it past the drawing board to production. Anyway, that's one stranger on the inernet's own opinion, please don't mind my grumbling. And no, I am not in the fortunate position to pick up a new one if I wanted to ;) Objectively speaking, they are better than ever with the upgraded bracelets and clasps, use of ceramic bezels, etc. BLNR gets my vote out of the three. If I were to pick up a Rolex for myself, however, I would be looking at previous gen Explorers and Explorer IIs. You might consider those, or the current gen of each, if you are into the new proportions! Nice Daytona by the way.
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    Re: Rolex, Rolex or.... Rolex

    Out of those 3 I prefer the TT Sub, but the older 16613 vs the newer 116613. However, based on your criteria I'd say the GMT Master might be the best choice. The TT Sub to me works great as a secondary Rolex as part of a larger collection.

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    Another blue sub vote.
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