Ronda 5040B Quartz Chronograph Movement (Technical Issue)

Thread: Ronda 5040B Quartz Chronograph Movement (Technical Issue)

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    Ronda 5040B Quartz Chronograph Movement (Technical Issue)

    Hello guys,

    Play went wrong....I have a watch with Ronda 5040B Quartz Chronograph movement. Because one of hands didn't align right and case was easy to open so I take the matter in my own hand.
    The watch is inexpensive nor i care much so I decide to use it as a learning experience then I search online about how to take the crown out. Taking the crown out is rather easy, then I put it back in.
    Before I open the case, the watch date adjustment was already not good. After I place the crown in, now the date adjustment window won't even move.....
    I actually only play with the hole with => Push and nothing else. I didn't unscrew anything.

    Is there an easy way to fix this myself? or do you know place I can read materials to fix this myself?
    I am not planning to have someone else fixing it.

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