Running a little fast....

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    Running a little fast....

    A quick question about my Seal. It seems to pick up a little time, about 15 seconds or so and by the end of the week is around a minute on the fast side. It doesnt bother me but is there a specific way when I set it down at night so it doesnt pick up time? On its side, crown up or crown down?

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    Running a little fast....

    Good question! I've wondered what position to ly a watch to either slow it down or speed it up. :-S

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    Re: Running a little fast....

    My guess would be trial and error. If you have the time, try setting your watch in various positions and measure the difference in accuracy over the course of a couple of weeks. After this period, you should notice whether your watch "favors" a certain position.

    I've tried this with my UTS and noticed a definite position that works best.

    I don't claim to be anything other than a "Monday morning scientist" so don't consider this to be a true scientific experiment.

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    Re: Running a little fast....

    My S/S Seal seems to be the most consistent and accurate when I rest it on its "back", face up. Haven't put the EII to the test yet, as it's tough to get it off my wrist long enough!

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    Re: Running a little fast....

    For my SS Seal, Ive found resting it on it's side crown up over night does the trick.

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    You could have it regulated

    In my experience, the Seal keeps pretty consistent time, with only slight overnight variations depending on position. That, of course is excellent, but it also means that nothing you do will likely make up 15sec/day.

    My Seal ran that fast when I first got it (second hand), and it bothered me--from what others said I knew it was capable of better timekeeping, so I had it regulated by a local watchmaker who has an excellent reputation. It cost me about $40, and it's been terrific (within about +1-2 daily) ever since.


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