Running time for Seiko Automatics

Thread: Running time for Seiko Automatics

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    Running time for Seiko Automatics

    Hey thinking about getting a Seiko Automatic movement (i.e. the seiko 5 diver watch) diving watch but the problem is I might not wear it too often. If I wore it max 4 times a week for 6 or 7 hours at a time would that be enough to keep the watch going without stopping because of non movement? Also does the watch stop immediately after you take it off? Im a bit of a newbie to automatic watch movements

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    Re: Running time for Seiko Automatics

    It depends on how active you are. Sounds like you might be pushing it. If the watch is fully wound, you should easily get 40+ hours of power reserve (that's what your asking, the power reserve). Seiko's are pretty efficient at self-winding, but if you are particularly inert (sitting at a desk, then calmly driving home), it's possible the watch won't get fully wound.

    However, letting the watch run down doesn't cause any problems to the watch, and resetting it isn't hard. I generally consider it a "bonding" moment when I set my watch in the morning (I rotate through a bunch so usually the watch I pick has stopped).

    Finally, you can buy a winder that keeps the watch running for you, but paying $100 to wind a $200 watch might be false economy. Of course, this hobby isn't logical.

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    Re: Running time for Seiko Automatics

    In that case how about a watch winder. Unfortunately you still need to adjust the date.

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    Re: Running time for Seiko Automatics

    I keep Seiko Monsters on a winder. Potential rundown avoided.

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    Re: Running time for Seiko Automatics

    If you want to avoid a winder, best get one with a 4R15 or 6Rxx. The 50 hrs PR might just tide you over....

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