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    RXW Marina Militare

    I recently purchased an RXW Marina Militare from Ken Trading Co. in Japan. I had heard great things about the quality and service and after a week with the watch in my hands, all I can say is... what happened? Among the issues:

    1) The watch arrived with a scuffs marks/scratches on the hands.
    2) The lume is incredibly weak. I had seen pictures of the lume from previous iterations of the Marina Militare and it looked like it could mutate some teenaged turtles it was so bright. Instead there's a feeble glow even in pitch darkness.
    3) The edges of the strap are poorly finished and are starting to peel like a sunburn.

    I was hoping to resolve this directly with Ken Trading Co. and their affiliate but seeing as how I've been flatly denied a refund, I'm warning people about the QC and service issues that I've experienced. Hopefully this post saves people from making the same mistake that I did.
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    Re: RXW Marina Militare

    I believe discussion of MM (non authentic) is prohibited around here as Marina Militare is a registered trademark owned by Panerai.

    That said - when you buy what's essentially a fake\knock-off online, how much quality can you expect? There are homages w good quality, acceptable quality and those w bad quality - but anyone ripping off designs can't be all that trustworthy in the first place (my humble opinion).

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    Re: RXW Marina Militare

    Right, pics deleted, thread closed.
    Kind regards

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