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    S.U.G. Expedition

    Does anyone have one of these or input on the brand?
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    Re: S.U.G. Expedition

    Let me guess: A MSRP about 2000 bucks and a good price on ebay ?

    Well, as always too good to be true. My special greetings to John House who was an issue on Counterfeit Watchers Discussion Forum. Besides SUG you may also have a look at Bernoulli, Louis Bolle, Omikron watches - all sites are runned by John House.

    There once was a post on TZ (regarding LB) which I liked:

    "One auction site is selling 191 of them. The bid is $60. They have the nerve to print the following:

    'Retail: $2,595.00

    Current price: $60.00

    You SAVE: $2,535.00'

    The sad thing is that the dials are quite handsome and the complications very nice. It's a real shame that someone will think he's getting a bargain - until the hands fall off."
    These watches are made for internet sales (only) and have inflated and outragous MSRP's to make people feel like they are getting a big deal. This brand is just another one of many started up in Texas. All brands have a nice history (if you like fairy tales) suggesting their Swiss origin.
    Most of them are probably Chinese made or equipped with Chinese parts at least. Louis Bolle movements look chinese.
    You´ll get what you paid for, dont expect that much for 50-70 bucks, don´t expect that you are really getting a 2000 dollar watch. SUG watches have been discussed lately on our "Affordables" forum.

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