Saving for an expensive watch at a young(ish) age?
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Thread: Saving for an expensive watch at a young(ish) age?

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    Saving for an expensive watch at a young(ish) age?

    Hey all, I am quite new to this forum but I'm looking for some advice. I just turned 26 so I am not that young but I feel young compared to some of the wiser and more experienced members here (don't want to be rude at all I have a lot of respect for my elders). I have been into watches for about 2 years now since I first went to Japan. I am still a student right now but I am working part time as well. I don't make a lot of money but after buying a few watches (just got my 3rd, a skx007) I am now starting to seriously save for a much more expensive watch. At this point in my life, I don't have any kind of serious commitments financially. Since I am relatively young and do not have a wife or kids do you think it is wise to save for/buy an expensive watch? I know in some ways it makes more sense to get it later when I have a full time job but I feel like I will also have more financial obligations then, and the earlier I get it the longer I can enjoy it . I have seen some posts arguing both ways, that the money is better used put towards something else or its better to get it before you have serious responsibility.

    I have 2 watches now (soon to be 3) but I will never be a big collector. I am a minimalist at heart and prefer to buy a few things of great quality then to have many cheap things. However my largest purchase up until now would be a $700 bomber jacket, so a 5k watch is a big step up from that.

    In general I'm just curious about people's thoughts on getting an expensive watch at a young age vs using the money for something else.

    Also for those wondering I'm saving for a Breitling Avenger II.
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    Re: Saving for an expensive watch at a young(ish) age?

    Well one of the good things about watches is that (depending on whether you buy used or new) you end up with a great timepiece and also an asset that can be sold on again in the future without losing a terrific amount of money (again, depends if bought new or not). So picking up a watch and looking after it means that in 5 years or so when you may need some money for a house / car / wedding etc then you have that asset you can potentially let go of to help you out.

    Of course that does mean that you will no longer have the watch!

    But hey, of all the things to throw money at at your age then a watch isn't exactly a stupid idea.

    (I wouldn't say the Avenger II falls into the category of someone who classes themselves as a Minimalist though!)

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    Re: Saving for an expensive watch at a young(ish) age?

    Nice. To be honest I think you may be a bit young to do it as your tastes change. I'm 33 and remember 10 years ago I aspired to a Tag and from there a Brietling. I wouldn't be caught dead spending money on either brand now (unless it's vintage which at the time wasn't what I aspired to).

    if you like it do it (but make sure it's not interrupting your living life eg travel BEFORE you buy Sh.t like this) and then also make sure you know yourself well enough to know your tastes will be stable

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    Re: Saving for an expensive watch at a young(ish) age?

    Im 22 and i say spend it if you want as long as youre being financially responsible. Just dont get over your head and buy something on credit.
    The avenger ii is a nice choice. But if its your only more pricey watch may i suggest something a bit more versatile? If you use that budget on a used one you can get an Omega AT or a Breitling Transocean.

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    Re: Saving for an expensive watch at a young(ish) age?

    Jesus, go and enjoy life, parties, girls whatever you like, but be alive.
    Expensive timepieces are mainly for older, balding and life/physiology limited guys with higher income
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    Re: Saving for an expensive watch at a young(ish) age?

    Before you invest quite so much money on something "unnecessary" think carefully. Is there nothing else you would prefer? Will the watch make you happy? Expensive watches are nice, but they aren't something you really need. Cheaper ones will do until you have the extra cash to spend on them. Of course, the watch might be what will make your life worth living.

    As you already have to save up money it will give you enough time to think about how you will spend it. You can start saving money for the watch, but at the same time you keep considering if this is really what you want. In the worst case scenario, you do not want the watch anymore, but you will have a nice sum saved up for something else you want.

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    Re: Saving for an expensive watch at a young(ish) age?

    At 21 & in a similar situation to yourself, I saved and bought myself an Omega Speedmaster (back then it MSRP was CHF 930 or roughly $600...). Then at 23, I did the same and bought a Rolex Sub date (MSRP CHF 2000 or roughly $1400). At 26, did the same again and got me a Rolex Explorer II with white dial (MSRP CHF 3400 or roughly $2300).Go for it, I say...
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    Re: Saving for an expensive watch at a young(ish) age?

    Got my first Rolex GMT at 21, Be 67 in 9 days, still own a Rolex GMT. Good taste never changes.....IMHO
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    Re: Saving for an expensive watch at a young(ish) age?

    If you can afford it, do it, because once you get married and have kids...
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    Re: Saving for an expensive watch at a young(ish) age?

    Compared to the stuff i used to waste my money on at that age (as opposed to stuff i waste my money on these days), a watch purchase would have been very sensible.

    If you can afford it financially, and this is the best fun you can have for $5k (outside of strippers and coke), go for it.
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