Scratches: eyesores or battle scars ??

Thread: Scratches: eyesores or battle scars ??

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    Question Scratches: eyesores or battle scars ??

    For me it kind of depends. On some watches like say one of my G-Shocks I would then consider it kind of cool. Not when a scratch is on a 200+ watch even though it is made for the outdoors.

    Also, ever get a scratch and wonder how it got there? Example: I went to the mall, walked around, looked at some interesting things... other watches and when I came home I found a scratch on the left bottom side of my watch. How did it get there. I don't wear metal shirts. It's not even the very bottom of the back of the watch but the bottom side so it wasn't rubbing a piece of dirt between my wrist and watch.

    Whatever, I'll let it go.

    I wouldn't let a scratch on the crystal go. Those are never battle scars for me but major annoyances.

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    Re: Scratches: eyesores or battle scars ??

    Depends on the watch. Most of them I don't get overly concerned about and will wear almost anywhere including the shop. I have several that it would be shame if I scratched them though and those I tend to baby.
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    Re: Scratches: eyesores or battle scars ??

    A scratch is damage, a blemish, an eyesore, on anything and everything.

    I liken a scratch to graffiti on a wall. Either the wall is unblemished, or it is blemished.

    Once the scratch is there, if you can't remove it, then you can only accept it. But who would prefer to have a scratch, if given the choice?

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    Re: Scratches: eyesores or battle scars ??

    Definitely a blemish on a dress watch. But I remember the first gouge I got on my Speedmaster Pro when it was 6 months old and I didn't bat an eyelid. It goes across the strap and onto a lug and finishes at the sapphire crystal (too hard to mark I guess). Makes it look like I wear the thing a lot, which I do. Will be fixed by Omega at the first service, I expect.

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    Re: Scratches: eyesores or battle scars ??

    Yeah, depends on what you consider’s tolerable or not. This is why I like brushed steel as much as possible as the choice of finish for watches that I like. I’ve had the funds for some really great noted pieces, but, because they had a mostly mirrored/polished look for its stainless steel case (somewhat a requirement for me) and band (not as much a criteria), no matter how reputable the brand, no matter how renowned, no matter how much I salivated at the movement, because of the mirrored/polished FINISH that I don’t like (because they seem to be prone to scratches that appear out of nowhere), I have had to give a nice Randy Jackson (anybody else here watch “Idol”; you see some of the big watches that he sports each week? Oops, digressing here, sorry), “dog, that just wasn’t good at all.”/”you gotta’ REALLY bring it at this level” ‘pinion and rejection. And, yes, I was able to see most of these “hopefuls for my collection” on the Internet and in the flesh.

    Especially since I’ve come across narrative – the li’l instruction booklet that comes with your watch for one instance – that accords somewhat of a warning toward using ANY kind of agent in adding finish/polishing your timepieces, I’ve been very wary of doing just that.

    But WHAT about the scratches with which you just don’t WANT to bug a jeweler with (and, we’ve, well, at least I, have all been there – they might scoff and say, “heh, THAT? You consider a scratch???”). And, heck, it just really, dagnabit, seems SUCH a small thing (but, a SIGNIFICANT small thing) that, let’s all say it, “ah, I can fix that.” And, yes, we can.

    And, so, having said all that [rant; thanks for listening], I’m kind of in an experiment phase with (and, I am not affiliated with, nor work for, just slowly-but-surely becoming a satisfied customer) Flitz metal polish. I know it’s been mentioned on the board a buncha’ times already. I’m quite satisfied with how it’s working on two watches I’ve used the agent on thus far.

    It has been suggested to I that Flitz (and it’s available in a toothpaste tube style in sizes from 10g/.35 oz to 906g/2lbs.[!] with a nice dark, very friendly looking gray shiny paste substances, especially since most of my watches are SS or titanium, I would think, like many of you) is the safe polish to use whereas other brands you might find in the cleaning/polishing section o’ ya’ll fav’ store (that has such a section) might be great to use on other items that also have stainless steel (i.e., sink), gold, silver might end up being a bit harsh on your finish.

    Here are my two situations where Flitz, thus far, has proved successful when it comes to treating scratches on watches:

    • One of my first Seikos, over the years (and, quite frankly, a bit neglected whilst I’ve become fascinated with other brands; I’ve changed the battery as needed, though, so, it was getting food at least) hath experienced a buncha’ scratches. Knock around 50m model I picked up in/from the 90s. Scratches on the crystal, on the band, yeah from inadvertently leaving it near my bed where it suddenly decided to jump down and rip itself on the metal part of the frame down below (yeah, I know, blame yourself, WX1), rinse and repeat with other areas of your home if not altogether outside of the home, you know. Somehow, the one scratched area that really bothered me was the fastener on band (metal band). Scratch heaven/scratch colony, just really bad. So, when I first picked up the Flitz tube, the fastener was THE first place I had applied the Flitz paste (this is a few years ago). In a matter of moments – having followed the instructions for use on stainless steel) – the area of the watch where I was most “unenamored” of the scratches looked pret-ty darn OK. Made the scratches look a lit-tle more tolerable, giving it a refurnished “hazed” look (used no Dremel-type device, just a non-abrasive [at least in my experience] flannel cloth and ye olde economical elbow grease) that looked every pret-tier darn good as a non-professional job. I’d never in a million years go ahead and give it to someone as a gift, of course, but, I tell ya’, made the fastener look SO much better and even it were my # 1 watch – WAS that at one time, heh – I’d be OK with how it looks now.

    • Eco-Zilla. Diver’s. SS. Date line: had been a month since I picked up (and, this li’l ditty’s why I made the jump to pick up Flitz in the first place) and was new, new, new, convinced no one else ‘cept whoever is supposed to at the factory touched the thing. Out of nowhere me sees scratches on the darn right-hand side of the ‘Zilla where the crown normally is on other watches. Nobody’s fault (I was near making sure the thing would rest on a soft cloth, which was, and still is, VERY rare since, lemme hear ya’ll Eco owners out there – when your Eco’ is not on your wrist, it’s face up, looking up at some source of light.), just one of those things (I had actually been to the beach a week earlier, so, hey, maybe scratches from scattered sands-ville. Great title for a novel eh? “Scratches from Sandsville.” I got dibs, I got dibs!!!!!). To make a long story short (this IS taking some time, ain’t it? OK, OK, I’ll wrap up soon, sheesh) the scratches disappeared to my liking. I’m even more comfortable saying that somehow, the scratches were nicely covered up and (and this is the part that makes me tear up) gave a nice shine to that side of the Eco-Zilla that didn’t take away from the rest of the watch nor stood out/ended up colored differently from the other parts of the watch. AND I’ve since taken it under water and, that side of the watch hasn’t deteriorated/left a hole due to the Flitz application.

    So, so, so, so . . . a knock around and a treasured piece of my collection have been treated with Flitz.

    Granted, I still take a close look at both watches now and then to give a looksee/inspection and no problems at all. I’ve not even had to reapply this far (both were done roughly a year, year and a half ago).

    One thing I wanna’ opine about titanium finishes (quite popular today, yes) for watches regarding this Flitz. The two titanium watches I have, believe it or not (one of ‘em has that Duratect add’l., the other does not) has no scratches on them. If they WERE to experience that, something significant enough for me to notice, well, for this metal, I would not be comfortable utilizing Flitz (objective enough for ya’, heh). At least not right now. This is one case where I’d look around, take to jeweler, etc., if for no other good reason, the instructions don’t mention specific use of Flitz on titanium (at least the box I purchased over a year ago). And it IS a relatively new finish for watches, eh?

    I can’t emphasize it enough. If you pick up even a small tube, you’ll see it, at the onset, a very inviting “agent” so to speak, and if there ever was one. No bad, sharp smells.

    There are instructions on exactly how to use Flitz in the inside of the box. EVERY kind of metal, instructions on how to use the paste; even for heat discoloration, lime deposits, other stuff (“paint restorer,” the box says. Not sure how THAT works, but, hey, if that suggests can use on the “paint” on the bezel of diver’s watches, well, hey, that might be something to look into). The instructions even indicates “use sparingly”; to me that shows how Flitz really cares, i.e., use the tube you bought with your hard-earned money – I dunno about you, but, when it comes to “agents” “shampoos” whatever, I usually see “use a lot” or “apply generously.”

    And, thus far, it’s been working for me. I’ll give it another year (I know, I know, why not just e-mail Flitz or something; hey, I gotta do stuff to satisfy myself eh?) with my inspection of the two that I’ve used Flitz on (thus far, I have no doubt that it’ll work for a long time) and then go ahead and use it on my other pieces as needed (the good thing is that they don’t right now). And that’s my ‘pinion.

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    Re: Scratches: eyesores or battle scars ??

    I'm scratchophobic, can't stand em.
    They don't "add character", they ruin a watch.
    "Time is the school in which we learn. Time is the fire in which we burn."

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    Re: Scratches: eyesores or battle scars ??

    I have only three watches, all cheapos (spend money on other stuff!)

    My semi dress watch, a Nixon, looks poor with scratches on it but has picked up a couple.
    My "action" watch, a G Shock digital gets tonnes of abuse, has a few scratches but I'm not at all bothered - Gets used for surfing, MTBing, and all sorts.
    My latest black SS G shock cockpit is scratch free so far but I have a feeling if it does get battered, it won't look too great. Having said that I "tested" the spare links by heavily scratching with a nail and screwdriver - Not a mark.

    Guess the good thing about not having any watches over £120 is that if they look tatty, I buy another

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    Re: Scratches: eyesores or battle scars ??

    Any watch that gets worn, gets scratched, and I wear all mine (that's why I bought them).

    Even so, I don't like scratches, especially on my dressier watches, but I've learned to live with them. They're not too bothersome on my divers since they're tool watches, but I try to wear an appropriate watch for the day at hand. If I'm working with my hands on a weekend, I'll probably wear a Seiko or G-Shock - not an expensive dress watch on a crocodile band.

    - Mike
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    Re: Scratches: eyesores or battle scars ??

    They are going to get scratches, no matter how hard we try to avoid them. My dress watches have a few scratches but that what happens. My other watches I wear to work, mainly my G's, where I know they will gets nicks and gacks but that is why I bought them knowing they would.

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    Re: Scratches: eyesores or battle scars ??

    Don't much care until I go to sell them. Then I polish 'em. If you strap a sizable hunk of shiny steel to your wrist, it'll get scratched, unless you just stand in one place all day

    I've got one polish finished watch, a 42mm RGM, that's at least 2 years old, maybe 3, that's almost devoid of scratches. Looked at it the other day and couldn't believe it. Of course, it's essentially been in a watch case for the past year
    Wear what you like.

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