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    Searching for a Casio model

    Hi everyone!!

    I'm looking for a Casio model I haven't been able to find anywhere!!
    My old man bought it in japan some years ago, and I would like to buy it again for him... He's been heartbroken since he lost it.
    The thing is I don't have any photos, so all I can provide is the description he gives:

    "It was a square, metal case Casio. The particularity is that all around it it has square markings that darkens as seconds pass. Had a metal, flexible bracelet. Really simple face"

    Does this rings a bell to any WIS????

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    Re: Searching for a Casio model

    56QS has a seconds track, but not really square?

    Sorry about poor quality pic stolen from the interwebs...

    The only other that comes to mind that has a “block” type seconds track is the Citizen Timetrack, but that is an Ana-Digi and the wrong brand...

    Good luck with your search.

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    So many watches, so little time...

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