For a while I have had a liking for larger watches and some time ago I saw the new Casio Aviation Cockpit series. I really wanted one of those not because they are beautiful but somehow they I liked them. When I saw the price however I was a bit taken back, These Resin cased watches were being sold for $500 and up. While I still wanted one, I was not going to spend that much on such watch, first of all I did not have such amount of cash and secondly it was over my self imposed limit. But still I wanted one or at least something similar.

Since even the used one were pricey I started to look for an alternative and found something that appealed to me. A large 50mm watch with solar powered movement that was styled like a cockpit. Maybe the one of a car rather then a airplane but still in a sense made for a pilot.

Of course that also was expensive but I had seen some used ones for a reasonable price. I finally was able to save enough to get one of these, the brand? Citizen and the model being the SST. I believe that it stand for something lile Split Second Timer or similar. In fact other then time keeping and UTC, date and alarm, this has a 1/1000 second chronograph as a feature. I don't even care about it, all I am interested in is the looks and the time keeping.

There are other reviews of this watch so I am not going to bore everyone with specs and other already said things. However I wanted to mention some impressions I have of this time piece.

The watch is large, from one side to the crown end is 54mm more or less. Overall it is some 46mm or 52mm if counting the pushers. However it very low profile and it literally hugs my wrist perfectly as if it was custom made for me. The bracelet is very nice and high quality but the clasp/buckle does not have any micro adjustement. The bracelet however has links and half links and i was able to adjust it to almost perfect fit.

It is a promaster model and so it should be reliable and tough. I bought it used of course but it is in excellent condition. The lume is blue and is applied to the hands and hour markers. After charging if for a few seconds I was able to see the time all night long, so at least 7-8 hours. It is not very bright because the area of lume is not very big but it lasts and it is visible no problem.

I really liked the large crown and that was the main reason for me to get it, but as in the Casio, the crown does not connect with the hands, it is a mode button to adjust certain things. That's fine with me. The pushers for the Chrono and adjustment are also easy to use and very interesting, they are secured to the case on one side via hex screws that one can see, making the watch more "mechanical" and interesting, at least to me. The digital section is lumed with a red light, but it is kind of strange because it does not seem to have time in it and I guess one could use it to see the chrono, but would one use the chrono in the middle of the night in the dark? Not sure what they were thinking... But then again maybe I need to read the manual to capture the full concept. In the meantime I am happy with the new acquisition, I really like the way it fits, comforatly on my wrist and even though it is not light, it does not feel heavy, Maybe because of the wide surface that somewhat distribute the pressure.

There is actually a new model of this watch but I specifically wanted this one for the different shape of the case and the large pushers and crown, they give the watch, along with the subdials, a different and a little special look in my opinion.

Sorry for the crappy photos, but I would like to share them anyway...