Sector 600: back light stops seconds hand?

Thread: Sector 600: back light stops seconds hand?

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    Sector 600: back light stops seconds hand?

    I just recieved my new Sector 600 analogue-digital watch. It's a nice watch but I have noticed a problem while setting the analogue time. You can set the time but when you press the light button (the crown) the analogue second hand stops for 4-5 seconds? Not sure why this happens? It happens in all the various modes. It also does the same thing when adjusting the analogue time, it takes 4-5 seconds for the second hand to start moving again after pressing in the crown. Is this a watch a lemon, or is this the way they are designed to work. Not impressed as it now looses 5 seconds (only on the analogue display) when ever the light is activated. Any advice would be much appreciated.
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    Re: Sector 600: back light stops seconds hand?

    Please make sure you post in the right forum. The review forum is for reviews only.Deleted the other post in our review section.

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