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    Seiko 173 or 175???

    This is a tough one. Bro is graduating this weekend. Many WUS members made the great suggestion of one of these watches. And I know my bro would love it. Question is. WHICH ONE??? He will be wearing this to work and on the weekends.

    173:Nice conservative black on black theme. I am sure he would prefer a SS bracelet. I guess I could just spend an extra $35 for a generic or $100 for a Seiko SS bracelet. And swap the rubber out.

    175: Comes with SS bracelet for $25 more. Although he wont be crazy about the pattern and unfinished connection of some of the links (IMO). And the pepsi dial is a little loud. Although the face is nicer then the 173.

    I should add that my AD has the 173 in stock. There would be nothing better then being able to present the gift this weekend. The 175 on the other hand will have to be ordered. And will take a week or more to arrive. What to do???
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    Re: Seiko 173 or 175???

    173 for me. More classic, not a fan of blue dials on dive watches. You could always buy a pepsi dial insert for $5 at a later date and give it to him so he can swap it over for a change of look. The interactivity may get him hooked!

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