Seiko 6R15 is better than ETA 2824
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Thread: Seiko 6R15 is better than ETA 2824

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    Seiko 6R15 is better than ETA 2824

    I recently picked up a new Seiko Alpinist (SARB017). This is the fourth watch that I have owned with the Seiko 6R15 movement. I also have owned many watches with ETA 2824 base movements. In my experience the Seiko 6R15 is superior in many ways to the ETA 2824:

    • Longer power reserve (48-50 hours vs. 38-40 hours);
    • More consistent, and generally more accurate, timekeeping;
    • Much smoother hand winding;
    • More efficient and smoother self-winding mechanism;
    • More shock resistant; and
    • More reliable and less prone to mechanical problems.

    I don't know what the direct cost comparison is between the two base movements, but Seiko's with the 6R15, particularly Japanese domestic market models, are priced very competitively and are an excellent value. Based on this, I am assuming that the 6R15 base movement costs less, and if so I think that makes it far superior to the ETA 2824.

    That's my take. What's yours?
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    Re: Seiko 6R15 is better than ETA 2824

    For the sake of my green Alpinist I hope you are right.
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    Re: Seiko 6R15 is better than ETA 2824

    This thread has a great potential for popcorn.

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    Re: Seiko 6R15 is better than ETA 2824

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    Re: Seiko 6R15 is better than ETA 2824

    I did not have as good experience with the 6R15B (which did not have the higher power reserve) in the Seiko SARB035 that I used to own. I suspect the issue was the lack of isochronism, i.e., the rate depended on the remaining power reserve, and possibly positional variance. I sold it before I got my Timegrapher, so I can't test these hypotheses rigorously.

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    Re: Seiko 6R15 is better than ETA 2824

    While you make some good points but:

    1) the 6R15 has a lower beat rate than the 2824 (which is significant to some, but not to others).
    2) The rotor has a tinny/clinky sound that takes some getting used to (a skeptic might say it makes it feel cheap)

    I like and appreciate both. I like owning a variety of movements because this makes each one seem unique and fun.
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    I'm all for free speech, but as there are limits imposed already on this forum, I propose a one week moratorium on any posts including the words "seiko" and "Swiss." It's getting ridiculous.

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    Re: Seiko 6R15 is better than ETA 2824

    As far as accuracy, I've had mixed experiences with both movements. IMO, any movement that isn't COSC rated or top grade can still be very accurate if they're well regulated out of the factory and sometimes, it just comes down to plain luck.
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    Re: Seiko 6R15 is better than ETA 2824

    I disagree on the part about better accuracy.

    The 6R seems designed to be accurate as long as you vary it's activities and orientations throughout the day. You know what? That's actually pretty darn clever with a daily wearer.

    Properly regulated, the 2824 can be deadly accurate, especially in higher grades.

    Just thrown out, slapped in a watch with no regard for regulation, they may be similar in performance, but I greatly prefer the 2824 for a watch that I rotate and from a company that regulated it.

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    Re: Seiko 6R15 is better than ETA 2824

    It's a fantastic movement. But it's too bad that many of the watches with this movement have hardlex, sub-second markers and plastic bezels (on divers).
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