Seiko Announces New Astron Dual-Time
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Thread: Seiko Announces New Astron Dual-Time

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    Seiko Announces New Astron Dual-Time

    This is really exciting news fresh out of Baselworld 2015--Seiko unveiled a new Astron and in my opinion this is clearly the best yet. Last year Seiko released the Astron Chronograph, which improved on the original in almost every way, yet stylistically, while still very attractive, I found myself more in love with the original. That all changes for 2015.

    Seiko drops the chronograph for the new model, instead giving a retrograde day display and a day/night indicator. After that, they returned to the dual time subdial at 6:00 from the original Astron GPS. It, of course, retains its perpetual calendar and GPS syncing ability. Perhaps more importantly, I just think it looks fantastic--it's very much reminiscent of Seiko's SARN line:

    Energy efficiency has been increased to the degree that, very impressively, mother of pearl dials are now available in a new limited edition (3000 pieces):

    The new models will, like previous Astron GPSes, be available in either steel or titanium with optional black hard coating.

    The size is similar to last years being much thinner and smaller than the original Astron GPS at 45mm and 13.3mm thick.

    To be clear, this is not a replacement for the original or the chronograph--this is a new Astron line. Basically, Astron has become something like Grand Seiko, a sub-brand with multiple lines unique to it, and this new dual time will simply be one line.

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    Re: Seiko Announces New Astron Dual-Time

    That mother of pearl one looks real nice, though it would be even better if they fit a moonphase on that. I think it would quite compliment the appearance of it. I'm not one for busy dials, but I guess I'll have to look into it. DANG YOU WATCH SELLERS!!! STOP EYEING MY WALLET!!!
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    Re: Seiko Announces New Astron Dual-Time

    Very trick.

    Just wish they would go a bit smaller in case size for those of us with challenged wrists.......
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    Re: Seiko Announces New Astron Dual-Time

    How disappointing that they don't offer these with the multi-link setup of the other titanium 8x series. I think the oyster style is no-where near as good as a match. Functionality wise though a very good move. Sounds a lot more useful on a GPS watch than a chronograph.

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    Re: Seiko Announces New Astron Dual-Time

    Just wish they would go a bit smaller in case size for those of us with challenged wrists.......
    Yeah, if they could just get down to 43mm, I'd be tempted. I tried the chrono on a few weeks ago, and it was lovely but just too large for me (even for an intentionally "chunky" look).

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