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    Seiko Dive Watch Specs

    I am looking at two similar watches from Seiko, the SKX009J and the SNZF15J1 Seiko 5. I am seeing some inconsistent listings of the specs, however. Is the SKX 42mm with 22mm lug width and the SNZF 40.5m with a 20mm lug with? The reason it matters is that I already have a watch with a 20mm lug width and I want to know if I buy extra straps that I can put them on either watch, so that would be the tie breaker in my decision. Any response is appreciated.

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    Re: Seiko Dive Watch Specs

    Try posting in the Seiko/Citizen forum,you should get an answer pretty quick.

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    Re: Seiko Dive Watch Specs

    As best I can tell they are both 22mm lugs. Amazon's specs are off as they say 18mm. Both of these have tapered bracelets to 18 from 22 I believe. Got the info from the Questions area on the reviews. 9 answers all stated the same: 22mm lug width. I believe the Seiko 5 is a bit bigger - 43.5 to 44 in case size, but I am not positive. Best I can tell from studying the listings...I've looked on that site so often and so much at so many watches including my own and have a system of figuring that stuff out. However, you can wait til someone who owns it confirms these things, too.
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    Re: Seiko Dive Watch Specs

    the SKX013 is smaller than the 007 and have 20mm lug.

    Also the 10bar "diver" SKX031 have 20mm lug.. IMO the best looking of the bunch.
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