Seiko kinetic acting weird

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    Seiko kinetic acting weird

    I've had this seiko kinetic for 3 years now and just recently it started acting weird. When you push the crown back in after setting the time the watch will sometimes go crazy and the hands will rapidly move clockwise around the dial. It stops when you pull the crown out again but I want to know why the watch sometimes does this. Name:  uploadfromtaptalk1443756712369.jpg
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    Re: Seiko kinetic acting weird

    Do you mean the second hand moves quickly through 2 seconds every 2 seconds, pause, and then repeat doing that? That's the low power reserve indicator. That means you either are not wearing the watch and moving enough to keep the watch charged (in which case wear it and move more), or the rechargeable battery needs to be changed (a known problem with earlier generation kinetic; you can read about the problem here: ; the dial of your watch says your movement is 5M62, and actually according to the web site, that movement should have a lithium ion battery, and should not be a problem with a capacitor; maybe the watch hasn't been charged enough, and lost the capacity to hold a charge over time, in which case, change the lithium ion rechargeable battery at a watch store with a good watchmaker and the watch should be fine again). It sounds like the latter might be the case. In either case, the kinetic watch might need to be worn more over time to help the lithium ion battery maintain maximum capacity for a longer time. A watch store guy once told me these rechargeable batteries need changing on average every 7 years. I have an older kinetic auto relay, and so far the battery has not needed changing yet, so I think it depends on how well the charge is kept topped up.
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    Re: Seiko kinetic acting weird

    Check the owners manual for your watch. There may be a reset process that is triggered by the crown.

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