Seiko SKX007K2 Crown Stem Broken?
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Thread: Seiko SKX007K2 Crown Stem Broken?

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    Confused Seiko SKX007K2 Crown Stem Broken?

    Good afternoon!

    I am new to this forum, and even more new to watches. After weeks of watching and reading reviews on a variety of watches and styles I've chosen the SKX007K2 to be my first timepiece. I was thrilled to receive the watch in the mail today and check it out and set the time.

    Unfortunately, while I was setting the time... the crown and a bit of the stem seemed to have broken off or otherwise come unattached from the body of the watch. With some finagling I am able to reattach the crown and properly set the date/time. I am pretty sure this is not supposed to be able to become detached like this... is it broken or defective? I am not a behemoth by any means, so even if I tried to pull slightly passed the second click on accident, it shouldn't just break off? Please send help immediately. :)

    There is about 4 mm protruding from the detached crown and ends right about passed the black gasket. I will try to post pictures shortly. Any help or suggestions of what this could be is appreciated.

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    Re: Seiko SKX007K2 Crown Stem Broken?

    Photos attached for reference.
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    Re: Seiko SKX007K2 Crown Stem Broken?

    Yes, unfortunately that is broken. And although it (the stem) isn't bolted or cemented into the watch, it should withstand a pretty fair amount of pull-force to have it pop out. So it was defective before it arrived to you.
    Return it for a refund, and carefully reconsider buying another watch from whomever sold it to you.
    EDIT: I just looked at the picture more carefully, sorry. The crown came detached from the stem. That is definitely defective. I've only had a crown detach from a stem once, and that was on a 50+ year old hand-wound watch. It's more common for the entire crown-stem to come out of the watch, and that's generally an easier repair.
    In your case, I'd replace the entire stem/crown, but given this is a new watch, you should just return it. Sorry this happened on your first Seiko ...that's not indicative of the great quality of these watches.
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    Re: Seiko SKX007K2 Crown Stem Broken?

    Crowns and stems are delicate little things but are actually able to stand up to a lot of wear and tear so I would venture that your problem is the fault of the watch rather than the owner. You almost certainly got a dud watch so return it.

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    Re: Seiko SKX007K2 Crown Stem Broken?

    It looks like it has just unscrewed off the stem rather than snapping? If that's the case it's a fairly simple job if you have the right tools to remove the stem and screw it back in with a dab of screw lock. Or if you don't have the tools you could try taking it to your local watchmaker
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    Exact same thing happened to me - got this watch off HK based site at Christmas which are telling me they won’t take watch back. That’ll teach me to buy of non-reputable seller. Going to try buying spare and have watch repair shop for replacement crown/stem.

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