Seiko SNA225 "Real" Dive Watch?

Thread: Seiko SNA225 "Real" Dive Watch?

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    Seiko SNA225 "Real" Dive Watch?

    I just got a Seiko SNA225 Daytona Chronograph(sorry, no photo). It's rated at 10Bar-(330 feet or 100m) water resistant. I actually do dive, and was wondering- this doesn't have a screw-down crown, so is it really good down to 330 feet? I won't go down below 130 feet, and rarely at that. Is this watch good for it, or is the rugged good looks just for show? Am I going to find out the hard way if this thing will survive the depths?

    Seiko 558-5009
    Seiko SND225

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    Re: Seiko SNA225 "Real" Dive Watch?

    My understanding is that "dive watches" do not usually get a screw down crown until the depth rating reaches 200 meters.

    It is also my understanding that no watch mfg except Rolex actually declares their watch waterproof. So water "resistant" is all you can ever hope for.

    I'm no expert and certainly new to the dive watch game.

    Buyer beware.

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    Re: Seiko SNA225 "Real" Dive Watch?

    Your questions should be posted on the Dive Watches Forum

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    Re: Seiko SNA225 "Real" Dive Watch?

    Having had the SNA225 Daytona... I would notrate it for the 100M. Logically... one may get away with hitting that depth a few times without any issues or concerns but realistically I would not. The crown is push/pull not screw down, thus I would not trust it even to 50M. Most 'Dive' watch collectors/wearers consider a Diver to be a watch with both a water resist of 200M & a screw down crown. Wear a Seiko Black Monster if you need a cheap, reliable, very bright lumed Diver. If you are willing to spend $400 + the options become endless. Good luck.

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