Seiko SNA695-Opinions appreciated

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    Seiko SNA695-Opinions appreciated

    Hey! I have been wanting a new watch for a while and have settled down at a Seiko SNA695. I plan to purchase it off Amazon. I have heard a lot about 'grey market' sellers and have made sure this one is sold and shipped by Amazon, avoiding these issues. But this means I will still attain the manufacturers warranty?

    And the second question to which I believe I know the answer but wanted to make sure-This watch is completely stainless steel? As in the band, the whole face and bezel???

    And finally, your opinions on the watch? Like or don't?

    Thanks guys. A review will be followed if i get the watch!

    Here is the amazon link: Seiko Men's SNA695 Alarm Chronograph Silver-Tone Watch: Seiko: Watches

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    Re: Seiko SNA695-Opinions appreciated

    Welcome to the forum!

    I think it's a smart piece - looks good to me. According to the info it's all SS including the bezel - yes. I believe that Amazon is a grey market dealer of these watches and offers its own 2 year warranty, though I may be wrong.

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    Re: Seiko SNA695-Opinions appreciated

    The Amazon price looks very good, and the listing states that Seiko watches sold directly by Amazon are covered by the manufacturer's 3 year warranty.
    I didn't know this, but perhaps they are now ADs.

    If you like the watch, go for it.

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