Self-winding smart phone ?

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    Self-winding smart phone ?

    I wonder how many jewels are there in the phone for $49,000 ?

    By the way, I don't know how a such small generator could charge up a high-capacity battery pack, it takes no less than 2 hours to charge a generic smart phone battery with our home's wall outlet, hmm :..

    So if we see someone who shakes his smart phone like mad in the street, we know how much his phone costs :D
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    Re: Self-winding smart phone ?

    That nonsense was from last year, and its gestation was probably in the last bubble. I do wonder what happens after the conventional phone part becomes old-hat or troublesome. Will mobile phone recyclers give you fifty quid for it? Or can you take the movement out, stick it in a Kemmner case or something, and toss the rest in the trash? It'll only take $49,000 to find out :)

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