Sell inherited Vintage watch for new watch?
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Thread: Sell inherited Vintage watch for new watch?

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    Sell inherited Vintage watch for new watch?

    I inherited a gorgeous vintage VC dress watch a few months ago. My grandma-in-law gave it to me after the death of her second husband. I really like the watch but unfortunately I rarely get a chance to wear it since I'm not a suite guy, I pretty much dress casual. I really find it sad to keep this wonderful piece in a box, so I'm thinking that maybe I should sell it and with the money buy myself an everyday watch. But then again I would feel pretty bad towards the person that gave me such a beautiful gift.
    What do you guys suggest?

    Does any of you know how much this watch could sell for? All I know is that it's a white 18k Vc watch, probably made 1966 ref 6564.
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    Re: Sell inherited Vintage watch for new watch?

    Beautiful watch. Congrats. I wouldn't do it if I were you. The sentimental value is too great.

    What did your granddad-in-law do for a living? He had great taste in watches.
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    Re: Sell inherited Vintage watch for new watch?

    That's a beautiful watch. Try a few different straps to dress it down a bit and ROCK IT. Personally, I wouldn't sell it, as that would feel a bit disrespectful to me.
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    Re: Sell inherited Vintage watch for new watch?

    I would wear that watch with just about anything. However, if you won't wear it much and you won't offend anyone by selling it, you might as well get something you will wear. (That is a beautiful watch, BTW).

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    Re: Sell inherited Vintage watch for new watch?

    It sure sounds as though you've decided to sell it. What it's worth depends upon what someone will pay. Typically vintage watches don't merit great amounts of money; just look in the classified forum. It will have a minimal amount because of gold content, but that won't be that much. You will certainly be trading down if you sell and buy a new watch.

    To give you an idea, here is a link to a current auction where the are selling a VC watch with sub second hands and 18K. It's $2350 buy it now. If I was more interested in doing your work for you, I would look harder; but I'm not. Vacheron Constantin 6413 Vintage 18K Wristwatch Dates 1945 50 Buy It Now | eBay After fees, you would net approximately 2K, but I am guessing that represents a "best case" scenario.

    I did look at some of the completed VC auctions to get an idea of the value of those old watches. Ones of similar quality to yours typically sold from $1300 to $1800, depending on the watch. Deduct about 15% of that for fees if you choose eBay.
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    Re: Sell inherited Vintage watch for new watch?

    I would have to agree, selling it could be perceived as disrespectful.... As previously suggested change out the strap and see if you like it more.
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    Re: Sell inherited Vintage watch for new watch?

    I wouldn't sell it on principle. I don't think you have to wear a suit to wear that watch so slap that nice looking timepiece on your wrist and pay respect to you grandmaw in law and her late husband.
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    Re: Sell inherited Vintage watch for new watch?

    If I recall correctly, you had another thread where the same woman was going to allow you to choose from a set of four or so vintage, high end watches as another gift. What watch did you choose? Depending upon the watch, you may be able to get a larger sum of money from either selling both or selling the latter.

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    This is a gorgeous watch. Vintage watches make great dress watches. Keep it and wear it, even if it is for special occasions.

    Another reason: fast forward 10 years...what does your conscince tell you? You future self doesnt care about that new watch that will soon be forgotten. Your future self cares about that vintage watch that was willed to you, a watch that has a story.
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    Re: Sell inherited Vintage watch for new watch?

    Try imagining the conversation with your grand-ma in law when she asks about the watch and you have to explain you sold it...
    I would not do it

    Consider instead a light brown alligator strap to dress it down a bit

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