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Thread: Shipping Methods

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    Shipping Methods

    Which do you prefer?

    USPS registered mail
    Ken Vella

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    Re: Shipping Methods


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    Re: Shipping Methods


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    Hate UPS, despise Fedex...

    UPS and, to a lesser degree Fedex, are hated by many Canadians. Everyone I know here who has any knowledge of these companies' practices avoid any dealings with them. I refuse any shipping by UPS, and I have had to return packages delivered by UPS to my unknowing wife a couple of times. I never buy anything from sellers who offer no alternatives to these.

    They charge excessively for delivering packages here: they will charge Provincial taxes when none are due, and they charge "brokerage" fees (usually $55! plus taxes...) for getting packages through Canadian Customs.

    As an example, the first time I got screwed by UPS I had bought a Fortis watch from a US seller for US$450, I was assessed 30% taxes and accise by UPS, plus, they charged me $54 in fees, plus taxes, and taxes on taxes... NOT a pleasing experience... And there was absolutely nobody I could complain to because their customer service is nonexistent, there is no local office or even phone number where you can speak to real customer reps. There isn't even an address where a consumer could file a written complaint.

    I hate UPS and Fedex.

    Months ago, there was a segment on these gougers on a consumers' TV program on Radio-Canada. The program was aired AGAIN last March because, as the reporter says on the program, this is STILL an issue... Of course, both companies refused to comment.
    Achat par Internet aux États-Unis: attention aux frais cachés!
    (11 mars 2008) - Ce qui peut sembler une aubaine au bout de la souris peut ne plus en être une quand la société de messagerie livre le colis. À la livraison, UPS et Fedex ajoutent souvent des frais inattendus qui augmentent substantiellement les coûts. L'achat, dans bien des cas, n'en vaut même plus la peine, à moins de savoir comment contourner cet écueil.
    [Le reportage de Jacques Taschereau (en rediffusion)]
    By contrast, the USPS and Canada Post provide excellent service at low fees.
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    François – Quebec City, QC

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    Re: Hate UPS, despise Fedex...

    Quote Originally Posted by Francois Boucher View Post

    I hate UPS, and Fedex is no better.
    By contrast, the USPS and Canada Post provide excellent service at low fees.
    Merci Francois, totalement d'accord.

    What Francois says is true regarding UPS and Fedex, as well as USPS and Canada Post. My work around with UPS is to do the clearing myself. I go to the depot, get the relevant paperwork, go to customs, then back to UPS to pick up my parcel. Usually this takes no more than 40 minutes out my front door, and at substantial savings too. Of course, Canadians should just avoid these crooks altogether.


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    Re: Hate UPS, despise Fedex...

    Quote Originally Posted by Velomane View Post
    Merci Francois, totalement d'accord.

    What Francois says is true regarding UPS and Fedex, as well as USPS and Canada Post. .... Of course, Canadians should just avoid these crooks altogether.
    My experience has been the same. The parcel companies charge big bucks and give lousy service.

    As far as I can tell, they stay in business only because their corporate and government clients have no personal interest in their cost and efficiency, since they are simply passing the costs on to their customers. Rubbish!
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    Re: Shipping Methods

    I most often use USPS Priority Mail. Relatively inexpensive and convenient (I live 1 mile from the PO). I never had a package lost (yet). For really expensive items, I use FedEx 2nd Day Air for the more thorough tracking info. If it is a relatively heavy item, I use UPS Ground.

    It is worth noting that I don't send stuff outside the US, so international shipping obstacles with these services are not of a concern to me.

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    Re: Shipping Methods

    DHL Value package.

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    Re: Shipping Methods

    USPS and UPS are the only two I use. Fed EX and DHL seem to know where my house is though.
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    Re: Shipping Methods

    Definitely USPS priority its vastly cheaper than UPS and FedEx and is as fast.

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