Shipping from US to Canada question

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    Shipping from US to Canada question

    I am trying to ship a watch to Canada and was wondering what others have used and method of declarations, insurance, etc. Should I declare it as a gift, return for service or what? I just want to avoid any risks or exorbitant fees to both myself and the buyer. Any insight is appreciated! :thanks

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    Re: Shipping from US to Canada question

    Insure it at a value that's acceptable to both you and the buyer if the watch is a total loss. If your buyer does not want you to declare a value that the risk of loss should lie with him.

    Canada Customs may or may not assign duty and taxes to that value. Of the last three watches I bought, two came in duty free and the third came in with duty/taxes totaling around $85 CDN on a $400 USD value watch. Hit or miss, it's the price we pay bringing stuff across our border.
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    Re: Shipping from US to Canada question

    Double check that watches specifically are insured by whatever service you use.

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