There are the watches celebrities wear, but are you ever jarred when an actor’s watch is so something their character would not wear?

On the celebrity thread, Tom Welling’s watch in an early season of Smallville was identified as a Victorinox. It’s not an expensive watch but it is in the $300+ range.

As for Clark Kent—middle class high school freshman farmboy in Kansas with parents whose finances are precarious—I’d go with the cheapest G-Shock for him. Maybe even cheaper with a cheap Casio digital if he’s buying his watch after a disaster his family needs time to recover from financially.

And I just marathon’d The Flash. I can’t see what Grant Gustin is wearing but, it has no complications and the Clock King refers to Barry Allen’s watch as “a fine timepiece.”

Barry is a young adult, is obviously not rich, has no car, is a forensic scientist, has an interest in science especially physics. His dad, currently in jail, used to be a physicist.

I’m going with a vintage Omega or vintage Rado (that used to be his dad’s).

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