So. Trying to be brief:

Wife recently got me a nice Tissot. Love it so much I stopped wearing my Peak and sold it off.

But there are things I really miss about the Peak:

-It was extremely comfortable! The silicone band was so buttery and light it felt like I was wearing nothing at all.

-It was pretty tough. I never took it off: showered in it, swam in it, slept in it. Got some scratches here and there on the case but never on the screen.

-It looked "good enough" for casual wear but I just don't love digital watches.

-The stop watch was great and I used it a lot but it was kind of a pain to access.

So I'm now trying to figure out now if I should pick up a cheap beater analog watch with a stop watch/chrono to wear when I'm cycling, swimming, and sleeping? Or just go back on eBay and purchase another Peak?

I feel like there must be a perfect watch out there for this hole in my collection! Maybe even just a cheap Timex or something on a silicone band? Any thoughts?!

Thanks in advance!

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