Should I polish these scratches away on the back case?
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Thread: Should I polish these scratches away on the back case?

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    Should I polish these scratches away on the back case?

    I recently purchased a GO panoreserve new and last night I accidentally created some light scratches on the back case.
    The mere process of how I scratch it makes me regret. It was my curiosity and stupidity that caused it. I see a tiny hairline on the case back. Then I was wondering how it get there and I used the clasp to slightly move across the case back, thinking that the solid stainless steel won't be hurt under such minor abrasion. But, I was so wrong.....
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    They are several light scratches caused by scratching lightly with the metal clasp of the strap. The scratches are on the polished stainless steel case back. Now those scratches on the case back drive me crazy... I searched on the forum and seems that people use cape code cloth and qtip to remove those scratches. Does anyone have a successful experiences with these kind of scratch that would like to share with me?

    Or should I just live with it since this is a high dollar watch and I might risk mess it up trying to polish away those scratches?

    Thanks for any inputs.
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    Re: Should I polish these scratches away on the back case?

    "Now those scratches on the case back drive me crazy..."

    You've already answered your own question. The issue is you're not removing the scratch you're removing the surrounding metal.

    I guess the real question is: What happens if you do it incorrectly?

    I would leave it for a while and see how it settles in your mind. Most watches will eventually get scratches. Up to you.
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    Re: Should I polish these scratches away on the back case?

    Scratches are not just removed. To polish those scratches out you will have to abrade the surrounding metal down to the bottom of the scratches. If the resulting surface is consistent, blends with the unpolished metal and has the same finish it will be ok. The new surface could very well be uneven and have a different finish. That could bug you more than the scratches.

    Those will be the first of many more inevitable scratches if you wear the watch much at all. I would leave it as is.

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    Re: Should I polish these scratches away on the back case?

    Forget about them and enjoy your watch.
    A watch unscratched is a watch unworn.

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    Dont polish. Just wear it. There will more scratches on the way

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    Re: Should I polish these scratches away on the back case?

    Given that you’ve scratched it very soon after acquisition, if you continue to scratch it at that rate and polish every time, eventually there will be noticeably less metal! Scratches are part of owning a watch, they say you wear it and you’re not afraid to wear it. Roll with it dude! And congrats on a lovely Glashutte.
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    Re: Should I polish these scratches away on the back case?

    I, like you, hate to see scratches on my watches whether they can be seen when worn or not... I know they're there and they still bug me, or did anyway.

    I've used cape cod cloths many times before and find them to be superb, they are a very very fine abrasive material which like some have said remove the surrounding area to the level of the scratch which in personal experience i have never noticed this to leave an uneven surface. They really are great for minor scratches that you can barely notice on your nail anything more than that you won't remove.

    I have gradually become to enjoy the scratches on my watches (ones I've owned from new anyway) as they all have a story to tell,yes they annoy me but I do appreciate them!

    If it really does bother you and spoils the enjoyment of wearing it then give the cape cod a go, if you don't feel comfortable with doing it then take it into a reputable jewellers.

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    Re: Should I polish these scratches away on the back case?

    I doubt I'd even own watches if I was as anxious about scratches as some people around here...
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    Re: Should I polish these scratches away on the back case?

    No point is chasing around every new scratch, because where does it end ? Once it get's some wear they will all blend in. I understand your pain though, first scratch is always the worst.
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    Re: Should I polish these scratches away on the back case?

    I agree with what most people have said here. If it were my watch, I wouldn't bother trying to remove the scratches particularly because they're not on a readily visible surface. You can always decide to polish the watch later if more scratches arise, but you can never "un-polish" a watch.
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