Show off your small wrist! (with watch!)
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Thread: Show off your small wrist! (with watch!)

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    Picture Show off your small wrist! (with watch!)

    Hey all!

    When buying a new watch online without even seeing it in reality I'm always nervous and will look online at wrist shots of the watch for weeks sometimes even a month before placing an order.
    The problem with this is that majority of people don't have small wrists or you don't now the persons wrist size.

    With larger wrists choosing a new watch is not an issue but with smaller wrist it can be quite a headache because the industry does not design the watches for our wrist size!
    And yet you want a certain look with the new watch you are buying. Sometimes the watch you really like does not fit you at all.

    So to the point show us your small wrist (6,5 inch and below!) and the watch you like on it! Don't forget to mension your wrist size.

    This is my Seiko Sarb021 on a tiny 6,1 inch (15,5 cm) wrist.
    diameter: 38 mm
    lug to lug: 45 mm
    lug width: 20 mm

    Name:  foto.JPG
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    Re: Show off your small wrist! (with watch!)

    my 42mm approx seamaster. No idea of my wrist size...but its skinny as.

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    I want to get a Traser 5900 and my wrist is 8" but I see people say that the watch is small.

    I don't know anymore. Maybe it's a personal preference, unless it's a woman's watch I think anything looks decent.

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    Re: Show off your small wrist! (with watch!)

    Victorinox Swiss Army Maverick II GMT (45mm) on 6" wrist.

    Name:  P1020323_1.jpg
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    Re: Show off your small wrist! (with watch!)

    My wrist is 6.25.

    Last time I posted this picture here people made fun of how big it is in proportion to my wrist and how high up I wear it. Oh well!

    That Laco Flieger is the exception though. Mostly I run around with stuff like this on my wrist.

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    Re: Show off your small wrist! (with watch!)

    Posted this on WRUW today, but it's appropo here too. My wrist is 6.5.

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    Re: Show off your small wrist! (with watch!)

    I feel your pain. I'm a tiny woman but I prefer men's style watches and can't stand dainty, blingy watches. It's actually a really good thing most watches are way too big for me because I would be completely broke if I had the same array of options as my larger-wristed brethren.

    Here's my biggest watch, a Zenith Rainbow Elite diver on my 5.5" wrist. It's really pushing it for me at 39mm diameter but I like it too much to care.

    Name:  zenith_rainbow_elite_wrist21-e1314723290802.jpg
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    (Sorry about the bad pic quality.)
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    I have about a 6.25" wrist. Here's what I put on it.

    Explorer I

    Sinn 656

    SKX007 (42mm but very short lugs)

    Orient Mako

    Raven vintage

    Sea-Gull M201S

    Robert GMT-Poseidon 39mm

    CWC G10

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    Re: Show off your small wrist! (with watch!)

    About 6.25" wrist here. As Lufelia said above, the one advantage of a small wrist is that it helps to preserve the wallet -- I've had to turn my eyes away from many watches as being too large for me.

    What I'm wearing today...

    Name:  RemoraMesh2.jpg
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    Re: Show off your small wrist! (with watch!)

    Here's my mega-skinny wrist with a mega-large watch (Reena WeatherMaster, about 50mm). It's my outdoor watch - I usually wear watches around 38mm.

    Name:  P1030267.jpg
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