Show Us Your Best Dive Action Shots
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Thread: Show Us Your Best Dive Action Shots

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    Show Us Your Best Dive Action Shots

    I think this is my first OP to this forum. This is a video my wife and I took at Beqa Lagoon in Fiji a couple years ago. There's quite a few sharks swimming around us; at 1:05 there's a tiger shark about 2 feet away from my GoPro. I wasn't a forum member at the time or I would have stuck my arm in front of the GoPro in that scene. At 2:18, I'm wearing my Tissot Seastar 1000 automatic on my right arm (I'm the guy with the buzz cut and the international orange float on my GoPro rig). That's a watch that's seen more adventure than most.

    The big sharks with the stripes are female Tiger sharks (the one with the ragged dorsal fin is at least 16 ft), the brown ones are Bull sharks; as one of my dive buddies said "Bull Sharks, the animal with the most testosterone per dl of blood in the globe"; they are the ones to watch out for. At 2:00, they are following a baitball that landed about three feet in front of me (a mistake on the part of the DM's due to the current) and one comes close enough to be out of focus; maybe a foot away. He was more interested in the baitball, but it was exciting in any case. At 2:45, I had to duck out of the way of the 16 ft. Tiger.

    The real terror wasn't the sharks, it was the 15 knot current we had to descend through. My wife and I went down the mooring line, but a number of divers took the downline that didn't stay hooked up and almost wound up at another part of the reef.

    An experience I highly recommend.

    And if you have the patience to finish, now you know who I am.

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    Re: Show Us Your Best Dive Action Shots

    That gives me the willies watching it!

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    Re: Show Us Your Best Dive Action Shots

    Ummmm, wouldn’t find me down there but what an amazing video...should have a soundtrack, AC/DC Big Balls seems fitting

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