I'm in love with the Capeland MOA08063 (I believe that is the model number) that a friend of mine has. It's the standard capeland style (not the S or XXL) with a beautiful blue dial and subdials (not the one with the black subdials)

I've been looking around for one (and keeping my eye on the sale forum and ebay) but haven't found one. So, while keeping my eyes open, I thought I'd ask if anyone could point me in the direction of something with a similar style that might appeal.

Specifically the blue dial, domed crystal (continuing the lines of the case), automatic chrono and lack of bezel are what really appeal to me about this one. Under $3k new preferrably.

This link is to a black dial version, for those not familiar with the design of the watch.
Amazon.com: Baume & Mercier Capeland Men's MOA08386 Black Chronograph Dial Steel Automatic Watch: Capeland: Watches

Very much new to this, so any suggestions (or requests for additional information) are appreciated.