Sinn 756 and Damasko DC57... Which one to get?

Thread: Sinn 756 and Damasko DC57... Which one to get?

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    Sinn 756 and Damasko DC57... Which one to get?

    I know, it is another VS. thread.

    I am kinda torn between the two as I am making excuse to buy a watch (something to wear while my Breguet gets some spa treatment).

    I am leaning towards Damasko DC57, but the look of Sinn 756 is pulling me as well.

    I know the one is white - lume dial - face and the other is black face, I guess better compare would be DC56 vs. Sinn, but hey, I like white dials.

    Any reason (other than looks) to steer towards Sinn 756 vs. DC57?
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    Re: Sinn 756 and Damasko DC57... Which one to get?

    Is the Sinn scratchproof?
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    Re: Sinn 756 and Damasko DC57... Which one to get?

    I am not going to repeat all the VS-threads we already had with reference to the Sinn 756 and the DC 56/DC 57. My first advice would be to use the search function, to read about the differences in kolsterizing and ice-hardening (case hardening processes).
    You should decide if you need a permanent sub second (the Damasko chrono has, the 756 has not), you should decide if you need a day-date-indication (the DC 57 has, the 756 has not), you should know if you want a full lume dial (the DC 57 has, the 756 has not).

    Owning an 90ties 903 and a 103 I pulled the trigger on the DC and would do it again in a heartbeat.
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    Re: Sinn 756 and Damasko DC57... Which one to get?

    Cant' go wrong either way.

    Personally, I like the cleaner look of the Sinn without the constant seconds hand, and I don't need the day, and both have the date.

    Again, just my opinion, but the tegiment vs ice-hardening is not a big issue for me. Both are better than standard steel, and the argument against the tegiment only being partially hardened does not seem to matter. If I bang my watch THAT hard, I probably have the wrong watch on for the task at hand.

    You can also get a bracelet if you want at some point for the 756, not so on the Damasko.

    But they are both top notch, so it really comes down to which one you want to look at on a daily basis.

    Be sure to let us know what you decide, and of course, we will want to see plenty of pics.
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    Re: Sinn 756 and Damasko DC57... Which one to get?


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    Re: Sinn 756 and Damasko DC57... Which one to get?

    i went with the Damasko 57 as i thought the face looked a LOT cleaner. can't go wrong either way. i LOVE mine, and i am sure you will too (and it doesn't matter which one ya get ;) )
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    Re: Sinn 756 and Damasko DC57... Which one to get?

    Quote Originally Posted by Tragic View Post
    Is the Sinn scratchproof?

    Is there ever a watch that is scratchproof in the first place? There will be when even a diamond cant scratch its casing.

    in the good'o'days, many watch manufacturers used Waterproof, only to find out the hard way that its a wrong word to use. Waterproof means 100%. Hence, many if not most, switched to water resistant and listed the depth.

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    Re: Sinn 756 and Damasko DC57... Which one to get?

    I would go with the Damasko (or any other watch) because the Sinn does not have a seconds hand, for me this feature is a deal breaker.
    After owning watches with central seconds hand or subsidiary seconds I feel that the former solution is the best, but that's just me.

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