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    Skagen vs Armani

    Very different, I know. The're around the same price on ebay ($130) and I like the looks of them both pretty much equally. I don't know anything about the internals except what country they're made in so looking for opinions.

    For me the titanium doesn't add anything because I like the feel of some weight on my wrist. I've read that the Armani's mark up makes it a low quality watch but I've always thought of Skagen as a low end model.


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    Re: Skagen vs Armani

    I've owned a couple of Skagen and several Armani. Both make reasonably good watches for the price. I think the Armani watches are made better than the Skagen. I prefer Armani mechanical models, they are among the best quality of any Chinese watches I've found. The quartz models aren't quite as nice. The Armani "Meccanico" series are substantial size and weight. Of course, Skagen is known best for thin and lightweight watches.

    In the same price range Seiko, Citizen, and Zodiac are probably better watches. I'm a fan of Zodiac but I find most Seiko and Citizen to be boring.

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