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    Skeleton watches

    Hey all!

    I'm looking for a new watch, and have found a couple of skeleton watches that look good, and wanted your opinions on them.

    1: Rougois

    I like this one because it is all skeleton, and it looks pretty elegant. However, It has no dashes for reading the time, and is hand wind. It does however have pretty good reviews (if that counts for anything)

    2: Stuhrling Stuhrling Original Men's 165F.33551 Winchester General Automatic Skeleton Black Watch: Watches

    This one is also elegant, but has more of a cover as well, and isn't all skeleton. It does have dashes for numbers though, and it has the striking contrast of the black and silver. It's also automatic, which is nice. I have however, come across writings about stuhrlings feeling cheap, or having chinese movement. Is this true? and does this matter all that much?

    Overall, which one would you guys choose, and why? Or, is there another one in the same price range (or cheaper) that you would recommend?



    This Stuhrling also, I guess:

    Similar to the other one, just slight differences. *shrugs*
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    Re: Skeleton watches

    Use the advanced Search function for title searches for skeleton watches. In the Public Forum in the last couple of weeks there must have been a half of a dozen threads from guys looking for skeleton watches, which listed many good options besides Sturlings. Or just browse through Public or Affordables.
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