SM-8810 Pressure Tester Results from Dakota Watch

Thread: SM-8810 Pressure Tester Results from Dakota Watch

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    SM-8810 Pressure Tester Results from Dakota Watch

    Not sure best place to post.

    Can someone please help me interpret the test results.

    Had watch tested at Dakota Watch in USA using SM-8810. Asked for 100m test. Not sure they did it right.

    Printout shows following:
    Sampling Time 60 out of 60 seconds
    Test Pressure: 0.268 BAR
    Initial Strain: -001.7 um
    Strain Trend: +000.0% um/min
    Test 1: Passed

    Sampling Time: 40 out of 40 seconds
    Test Pressure: 5.156 BAR
    Initial Strain: -092.0 um
    Strain Trend: -001.5%um/min
    Test 2: Passed


    1. Was the max pressure tested only 50 meter (5 ATM) and not 100 meter as I asked for? 5 BAR = 5 ATM?

    2. Can you explain the "initial strain". Is this the amount of movement detected in the crystal? Would a negative number mean the crystal was pushed into or out of the case? I imagine ANY movement of the crystal pushed out of the case is BAD = air entered the watch case?

    3. Should I have the watch retested for 100 meter water resistance? Watch is rated at 200 meters.


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    Re: SM-8810 Pressure Tester Results from Dakota Watch

    I am not sure what those results mean....if mine gets tested at Dakota, they look on the watch and test it to rated WR. If it says 200m, they should test it at that. Dakota will not change a battery without testing the watch to rated pressure. If the watch does not have a rating they don't have to do it. This is what I have been told by Dakota salespeople.

    I would go back and ask them to tell you what it means, and if necessary have them check it again. Or give them a call, they have a phone....number is on Dakotas website.

    Go to find locations at bottom of page and then type in zipcode, will give numbers for locations. Good luck and let us know what you find out.
    Later, Gary

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