Snapshots From a Recession

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    Snapshots From a Recession

    Article published today... Interesting read:

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    Re: Snapshots From a Recession

    Interesting stuff, but not really a lot of insight. The report does confirm what WUSers already know -- the internet is where it's at for watches!

    So - will the big companies finally get wise and develop 21st century internet strategies relevant for today's buyers? Or will they stay stuck in the 1970's, with their "we only sell through brick and mortar dealers" tactic of old?

    It seems that the bigger the company, the weaker their internet strategy and web presence, pretty much across the board in any sector, but especially including watches.

    Notice that the small watch manufacturers "get it"? They have a multi-pronged approach, with things like WUS forum sponsorship, direct contact with customers, taking customer feedback on new designs, direct internet sales, etc.

    What would really be interesting is a study on how much growth the smaller or boutique watch manufacturers have experienced and how much of a cut they've taken from the bricks 'n' mortar old timers. Or a study on how these smaller watch manufacturers have fared during the recession compared to the big guys.

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