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    And so it begins ...

    I suppose a few of us were surprised when Eterna was taken over by the Chinese company International Volant Limited. Of course, Eterna had already established a pretty good track record post-resurrection, and may continue making winners like the Madison 8 days and the Vaughan Big Date.

    The more recent "zombie" firm of Favre-Leuba has been acquired by Titan Industries Limited (a subsidiary of TATA who own majority stake in Land Rover/Jaguar) India. I think we might be in for a few more acquisitions of Swiss marques by Chinese and Indian companies.
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    A few of this and some of the other ...

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    Re: And so it begins ...

    wont be long before TATA own the world they already own the lion share of the metal in the world and are the sole supplier to most metal product manufacturers including companies like Corus/Kalzip which itself is now a subsiduary....... they even own Tetley tea bags!!! although this last one is likely to be because the ore is mined in the mountains they own which are covered with tea bushes!

    If its made of metal it could very well be theirs very soon or in the near future.

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    Re: And so it begins ...

    Well, somebody has to own them. As long as they continue with quality production( increasing quality in case of Land Rover) I am happy.

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