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    some recommendations?

    Hey :),
    Im new to both the forum and watches and was wondering if someone could point me to a couple of watches.
    I also am not sure if this is the right forum :) we will see

    Im looking for a wa.. (this might sound really picky ) Im looking for a watch that is:

    Rather simple(no digital background, no chronograph, plain bezel, etc.)
    Alarm (probably the only problem I have had finding with other specs[maybe they don't exist?])
    Luminescence (optional)
    Under 250$ cause this will be my fist watch over 40$ :)

    annnnd one more question. are crystals replacable and/or are scratches able to be buffed out depending on the material? what kinds of materials are able to be buffed??

    Thanks everyone and sorry for all the specifics and the possiblity of this thread being in the wrong forum.
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