SOTC + next move: Cartier Santos, AP Royal Oak, or...?

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Thread: SOTC + next move: Cartier Santos, AP Royal Oak, or...?

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    SOTC + next move: Cartier Santos, AP Royal Oak, or...?

    So I'm contemplating my next move in my collection, and would like to introduce more shape variety into my collection. This is what I currently have as my "core" watches:

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    I'm looking for something that leans dressy but with enough sportiness to it to wear on the weekend as well. Definitely needs to be smallish and slim (38mm diameter and under, 10mm thick and under). If I budget $6k to spend, I have two possibilities that both seem attractive for me:

    1. Cartier Santos (new)

    pros: new watch, quick change strap system makes it versatile, tried it on in the store and the medium size fits like a dream
    cons: probably won't hold its value that well, scratch magnet, might get bored of it over time (?)

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    Image credit: Cartier

    2. AP Royal Oak Annual Calendar (used) + sell my Submariner

    pros: very rare, annual calendar, better value retention, love the funkiness of the dial, feels like a "step up" compared to my other watches
    cons: service cost, no aftermarket straps, scratch magnet, have never tried one on so I'm not 100% sure on the fitment (although this is 36mm and based on everything I have seen it should fit well)

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    Or... a 3rd option? What do you all think? I still enjoy the Sub but with Rolex values going up and up this seems like an opportunity to cash out on what is honestly a very common watch that I'm getting slightly bored of. On the other hand, adding a Santos to my current collection means I get a new watch that fills the niche AND I get to keep an icon of a watch in the Sub. Trying on the Santos, it just feels like it was designed for my wrist and there is something to be said about that, but the AP has a certain specialness to it with the weird off center sub dial and playful use of the red. I've never even seen anyone on a forum with one let alone seen one in the wild and the collector in me says when you find a watch that you like and is very rare yet somehow under the radar, to go for it. But then maybe that's because most people find them ugly which is why they never sold many.
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    Re: SOTC + next move: Cartier Santos, AP Royal Oak, or...?

    It is indeed a great time to be selling a Sub, for all the reasons you mention.

    The Santos is great, but then you don't have any dark dials in your collection if the Sub goes away.

    While I can appreciate AP, that one is just gonna be a source of stress for you. And what's with those Tic-Tac indices?

    Alternatives: trade the Sub for a two-tone Cartier Santos for awesome bling cache, or the blue dial Santos, or go for a quartz AP (some cool two-tone older ones out there) so you don't freak out about having that chunk on your wrist.

    And you must be about the only person to have their Zenith on a bracelet and their Sub on a strap ;)
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    Re: SOTC + next move: Cartier Santos, AP Royal Oak, or...?

    Get the Santos, I have both Santos and Sub and they are an almost perfect one-two punch.

    I like AP, but the regular 15400 or 15500, but they are hard to get and for the price, I am not comfortable spending those kinda bucks on a single piece.

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    Re: SOTC + next move: Cartier Santos, AP Royal Oak, or...?

    The Santos is the nicest watch ever made. Especially these new versions.

    Cartier will give a discount right ?

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    Re: SOTC + next move: Cartier Santos, AP Royal Oak, or...?

    I’d buy the Santos, but probably with a blue dial since you don’t have blue and your heavy on light colored dials already. Btw nice collection
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    Re: SOTC + next move: Cartier Santos, AP Royal Oak, or...?

    It sounds like you mainly have the Sub because it is an icon, which is a poor excuse to own a watch unless you are collecting. Is this an accurate assessment? If so, sell it to fund something else. But if you actually do like it, but really want to experience high end horology, then it is a tougher choice. Only sell it if you can find something you like more than the Sub.

    I also understand the urge to sell to scratch that high end horology itch. But looking at that Annual Calendar, if it didn't say AP and wasn't called Royal Oak, would you want it? It looks dated and lacking in modern high end finishing to me (going by the pic and its age).

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    Re: SOTC + next move: Cartier Santos, AP Royal Oak, or...?

    The Santos is a classic watch, and is different to everything else you have.

    Variety is the spice of life.
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    Re: SOTC + next move: Cartier Santos, AP Royal Oak, or...?

    Santos all the way. It is remarkable how a watch designed in the first decade of the 20th century is still completely relevant and has not lost one bit of its original spirit. I admire Cartier for their ability to revise the Santos with such care and taste in the course of time. The innovative bracelet design is absolutely delightful, as well.
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    Re: SOTC + next move: Cartier Santos, AP Royal Oak, or...?

    Nice collection.
    If it were me, I’d get the Cartier then probably find I would rotate through the great 3 watch combo of the ZEP, Sub and Santos. If I wasn’t attached sentimentally to the Tissot and Constellation, I’d probably sell them.

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    Re: SOTC + next move: Cartier Santos, AP Royal Oak, or...?

    I would say that your collection would look better with the Santos and without the Tissot and Omega. That AP is the most dated design ever in my opinion. I recently tried on a Santos and really really liked it. I don't wear that kind of watch I have found, but if I did it would be top of the list.
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