State of the collection (SOTC) 6 years in the making

Thread: State of the collection (SOTC) 6 years in the making

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    State of the collection (SOTC) 6 years in the making

    Hi all,

    Now that Iíve filled my watch box I figured it was time to enjoy the right of passage that is a SOTC post and look at where it all started.

    Iím early on in the journey but this the SOTC at the moment:

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    It all started with this, my 18th birthday present. Nothing special, a quartz Emporio Armani Chronograph that I still wear almost daily as my beater. Itís been everywhere, from the bottom of a Croatian lake to swimming with sharks in the Caribbean and I still love it.

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    As all of have, Iíve made mistakes buying watches in the outset. Next came this 44mm monstrosity that engulfs my 6 inch wrists. Clearly before I realised the size of a watch made a difference 😂

    Attachment 14098653

    The Tissot Visodate was my first step into mechanical watches rather than fashion watches. My first automatic and Swiss watch, it still gets a lot of wrist time on a lovely tan Hirsh strap

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    Next came my first big watch purchase (>£1000) which was the Oris Aquis 39.5mm with blue dial. Easily my favourite watch, the way the sunburst plays with the light to appear blue, purple or even black is just fantastic.

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    Despite owning the Visodate, which I could have just slapped a black strap on to make dressy I decided to buy a Ďtrueí dress watch. The Montblanc Heritage Chronometrie Ultra Slim. A sub 6mm thin, 38mm manual wind dress watch with no second hand. Love having to get dressed up so I can give it some wear.

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    I then dipped my toe into the minefield that is vintage with a Seiko 5. The 70ís styling and conservative 36mm case suits me perfectly, great little pick up for not a lot of outlay.

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    And last but by no means least, my most recent pick up was the Dan Henry 1964 which Iíve switched onto a racing strap to complete the vintage look. I needed something to scratch the Chronograph itch (Short of dropping £££ on a 38mm El Primero or Tag Monaco Calibre 11)

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    (I think this post highlights my car has fantastic lighting haha)

    If youíve got this far, thanks very much. I wanted to share my journey into horology as my more considered purchases have been shaped by this forum and the input from the community. Hereís to many more years enjoying this wonderfully addictive hobby we all share.

    Best, Chris.
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    Re: State of the collection (SOTC) 6 years in the making

    Moderator please delete as appropriate. Have re-posted so attachments display correctly

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