Stopping watch once in a while, good?

Thread: Stopping watch once in a while, good?

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    Stopping watch once in a while, good?

    Is allowing my automatic watch to come to full stop once in a while good for it as opposed to having it constanty working? As of now I only own one automatic, the Seiko Black Monster and wear it almost everyday, so it has been constantly running. My question is for auto and mechanical watches in general. Is there any benefit in allowing them to come to a full stop once in a while?
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    Re: Stopping watch once in a while, good?

    I doubt there's any real benefit in stopping it once in a while. It's true that the parts may wear out over time from its constant motion but even so,it can still last many years n probably over a lifetime with regular servicing.

    If u were to let it 'rest' every once in a while,how much less wear n tear will u actually save it from? It's probably insignificant if any. In fact i'm more worried about not using them enough as some believe that the lubricant in the parts may dry up or not be distributed evenly due to prolonged non-movement.

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    Re: Stopping watch once in a while, good?

    IMO: A movement is a mechanical construction, with multiple contact areas. Those areas are lubricared.
    If it is kept in motion, the lubricant will get redistributed on these areas, foe optimum coverage and thickness. Once it is NOT in motion, the lubricant will thin out and move away. It will also dry out.
    So, IMO, it will wear quicker if it is rested, in motion, rested etc.
    (I am drawing a paralell between an engine and a watch movement.)
    I might be wrong of course. It is wise to service a watch maybe every 5 years or so, or if the accurancy changes.

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