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    Question Stowa/du bois & fills

    Hello I have been thinkingof buying a pilot watch. I was hoping to buy a Stowa original with a hand wound unitas movement. That is not possible at the moment I am now the looking at a (du bois fills aerienne) a (wakmann pilot) a (laco pilot) I keep being drawn the (Du Bois aerienne.) Has anyone reviewed this watch

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    Re: Stowa/du bois & fills

    Not here if I remember correctly, try google. You`ll find a lot of positive feedback on all Laco Fliegers here on WUS (limited editions as well as the Miyota and 2824-2).

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    Re: Stowa/du bois & fills

    I searched the Du Bois brand. Not much info out there, they seem to make mostly Limited Editions. In fairly small numbers, so I do not understand how they can make a living. Unless most parts are made "not in Switzerland", if I express myself nicely.
    Forget the history "since 17whatever". I guess this brand died many decades ago, and was recently resurrected. This is now a very popular thing to do.

    As Mike says, check out the Laco's.
    I have 2, an original 1944, and the WUS LE. Wife has the WUS LE.
    They are fabulous, a real steal for the money.
    Look in the Laco Forum.
    Also, look on and see what they have.
    The Stowas are nice too, but I do not own one.

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