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    Stowa find!

    Hey Cats,

    Found this at the Salvation Army, not the type of Stowa I want to add to my collection but for what I paid I'll take it. PUW 560 movement, the watch is in very very good condition. Thinking either trade it or try to find a case that will fit the movement and dial....which by the way is keeping excellent time.

    A bit of a struggle on this one, do I case it or not?? However it came as a pocket watch originally and it being near new in condition especially at being 31yrs old I can't help but think stripping it is not the right thing to do.

    I know if it was in a wrist case I'd wear it quite a bit especially being an admirer of Stowa watches.

    Wow, this is a tough one for me

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    Re: Stowa find!

    I don't understand this post. What did you buy? What are you asking?

    You should repost over at the Stowa forum, by the way.
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    Re: Stowa find!

    Nice catch! Looks like it's in really good condition. I would definitely recommend against recasing the watch. With a nice watch chain, it might be a good super formal dress watch to put in your vest. And yes, do post your find in the Stowa for​um; lots of the members there would be thrilled to see pictures of your find.
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    Re: Stowa find!

    If you're not sure what to do, you can just go ahead and send it to me, thanks. :)
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    Re: Stowa find!

    I understand you have a Stowa PW, made around 1979, and containing a fairly common German wrist watch movement?

    And asking if i is OK to use the movement in a Wrist watch?

    Imho it is a nice PW, not too common.
    if I was you, I would keep it as it is, and find another movement to use in the wrist watch case.

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    Re: Stowa find!

    It's great the way it is, IMHO. Enjoy!

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    Re: Stowa find!

    Why recase it and ruin what is already such a cool piece? Take it for what it is! Not often do you see a pocket watch, destroying it by recasing it would be plain wrong, bro!
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