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    Stuhrling Original Vitesse

    Hey all, so I recently discovered the Stuhrling Original Vitesse 803 in the Monaco collection on the Stuhrling website and fell in love with it. However, I'm finding it impossible to find. I've scoured just about the whole internet in my pursuit and I'm hoping someone on here has heard of them and can point me in the right direction, thanks in advance!

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    Re: Stuhrling Original Vitesse

    If you love the look and want an excellent chronograph, the original (that Stuhrling copied off) is Junghans Chronoscope. Not sure what your budget is, but these go for $1,750 or so.
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    If budget is an issue, you can get similar look (perhaps not chronograph but 3 hander or PR w bi-complex subdails layout) for $500 or less from Junkers (6060 auto is nice)
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    Sorry, can't help w Stuhrling...
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    Re: Stuhrling Original Vitesse

    Nobody caries it because, like most other Stuhrling watches, they are simplistic basic material junk. If it were a great watch somebody would carry it for sale.

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    Re: Stuhrling Original Vitesse

    Quote Originally Posted by tallnthensome View Post
    Nobody caries it because, like most other Stuhrling watches, they are simplistic basic material junk. If it were a great watch somebody would carry it for sale.
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