Sub $700 GMTs?
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Thread: Sub $700 GMTs?

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    Sub $700 GMTs?

    I'd love to get a GMT to kick-start building my collection, I've seen the Farer Barnato II and I like the style but really struggling to find anything else to compare it against, everything else seems to have a really big [rotating] bezel.

    I'd prefer a non-metal strap that's not a diver too! Are there any other options?

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    Re: Sub $700 GMTs?

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    Re: Sub $700 GMTs?

    Steinhart and buy a leather strap. Solid movement, solid watch. $550 for the watch delivered and a decent RIOS strap sub $60.

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    Re: Sub $700 GMTs?

    Seiko Kinetic also there are tonn of Ronda based quartz to choose from and they are uber affordable.
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    Re: Sub $700 GMTs?

    A GMT without a bezel is uncommon. Several of the Ball GMTs spring to mind, but those are over budget. Now if you are considering a bezel, in that price range (I'll be suggesting mostly micros) you could get a CWard GMT on discount, and there is a kickstarter GMT for around 500 euros right now. You could probably also find the Alpina GMT for around $700, although that is a pretty large watch, and they just started the general release of a new cushion-case 70s inspired GMT. If you were to go up a price rung there are more options, including the upcoming Tourby GMT, Zeitobjekt GMT, and I heard rumor that a Ginault GMT was in the works.
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    Re: Sub $700 GMTs?

    MKII LRRP, but it will take you awhile to find one and you will have to come up. No good GMT options for sub-750.

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    Re: Sub $700 GMTs?

    Alpina Alpiner GMT

    CWS has it for $589

    Hamilton Jazzmaster GMT

    Saw it in Joma for $695 and Ashford has one NOS for $495

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    Re: Sub $700 GMTs?

    Hamilton Jazzmaster Traveler GMT, you can easily find pre-owned in great condition (not mine on photo)

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    Re: Sub $700 GMTs?

    Orient Star. There's a cheap one listed in the sales forums right now.

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    Re: Sub $700 GMTs?

    Zeno Magellano GMT - black or silver.
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