Suggest me a entry level luxury watch!
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Thread: Suggest me a entry level luxury watch!

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    Suggest me a entry level luxury watch!


    I bought my first real automatic watch two years ago for my 30th birthday: a Tissot Powermatic 80 with anthracit dial (link). For me, it offers great value: completely swiss made, "in house" movement (ETA based) with an impressive 80 hour powerreserve, and date. Has a Sapphire crystal and a pretty good bracelet with a nice clasp system. The dial also has a nice depth to it. It's also running very accurate, even though it is a not a chronometer it keeps within COSC without issue (about -0.5s/day at the moment, very impressed with this).

    Anyway, I'm very happy with the watch and I'm looking for my next/second or third automatic watch, this time an (entry level) luxury watch.

    - budget between 2 to 4.000€
    - luxury brand with some heritage (yet, preferable not a top of mind brand for the general public)
    - automatic movement, don't care about COSC certification but should keep time +/- 4s/d
    - water resistant minimum 100m (real) (suitable for showering, swimming, snorkling, rafting, anything in water except proper diving)
    - great lume (I wear my watch while sleeping)
    - simple, elegant, timeless, dial shouldn't be too busy, less is more, neutral colors (black, grey, ) but a small color accent is ok
    - high quality build material, high quality sapphire crystal
    - date or daydate would be nice, but not a requirement
    - fit under a dress shirt, work well with a dress shirt for work, jeans+jacket or even a suit (occasionally); minimum dial size 36mm, preferable around 40mm.
    - bracelent undecided, I always like a decent stainless bracelet but leather is also acceptable
    - I love small details, like a clasp with a logo, roulette date dial, a nod to a historic model (from same brand), etc.

    I've also always wanted a true diver, and have pretty much decided on a Tudor Pelagos (I prefer the design of the first generation (two lines, 3 o'clock marker, thinner), but would also love the in house movement). But a tool/diver like the pelagos is pretty big and not really that suitable for a suit or dress shirts. So I may purchase a more formal model first. I was looking at a Tudor Heritage Black Bay 41 (love the clasp that comes with the leather bracelet), but it seems silly to own two tudors when there are so many lovely watches/brands out there. Then I thought about a used Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date (ref 1500 or something) or a Explorer 1 (if there are any in my price range). Even though Rolex is an A-brand, most people only recognise a submariner, and I would only wear on a very formal occassions.

    thanks for your suggestions,
    kind regards, Michiel.

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    Re: Suggest me a entry level luxury watch!

    Search on Frederique Constant. They have some really attractive watches that I think will fit your price target. I really like their worldtimers and other watches with complications. Omega is another option for your interest in divers.
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    Re: Suggest me a entry level luxury watch!

    How about something from Sinn as they tend to fly under the radar a bit.
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    Re: Suggest me a entry level luxury watch!

    This again, a definition is needed for entry and luxury watch.

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    Re: Suggest me a entry level luxury watch!

    What about the Omega Seamaster pro (bond)? Perhaps a brand recognizable by the general public but it fits your other criteria.
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    Re: Suggest me a entry level luxury watch!

    Omega Seamaster Pro ceramic

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    I would rather not list every watch I flipped

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    Re: Suggest me a entry level luxury watch!

    Omega AT all the way.

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    Does the Pilot Midnight Mark XVIII Le Petit Prince by IWC count as entry level luxury? If so, I recommend it.
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    Re: Suggest me a entry level luxury watch!

    Nomos Club Neomatik
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    Re: Suggest me a entry level luxury watch!

    I think you are on the right track with a used Rolex. The "Date" model is 34mm which you indicated might be smaller than you want. The "Datejust" is 36mm and in line with your requirements. Gold and stainless always looks nice and believe me........people don't just notice Submariners.

    Rolex, Omega, Tag Heuer, Baume and Mercier. A few others and growing.

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