Suggestion for Grand / King Seiko

Thread: Suggestion for Grand / King Seiko

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    Suggestion for Grand / King Seiko

    so I would like to enter into this higher-end-models of Seiko world and would like to get a basic Grand Seiko or King Seiko to start with. the thing is, my budget is around $1800 top at the moment, maybe I could wing it to $2000 if the watch really catches my eyes but that's the very top of my budget. I don't mind getting their older / vintage model, however I have an 8" wrist and any watches below 38 - 39 mm looks like a lady watch on me, and all the GS / KS I found are all at 35 - 36 mm. I hope to find a decent Grand Seiko or King Seiko in at least 38 mm diameter that is NOT quartz (manual wind or automatic are fine to me.). is there any such thing?

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    Re: Suggestion for Grand / King Seiko

    It will have to be used if it is an auto in your price range unless you find something vintage.

    Be careful on the vintage side, as they are lots of mis-represented GS and KS models out there.

    Did you check some of the JDM sites like Seiya or Chino?
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    Re: Suggestion for Grand / King Seiko

    If you are on a budget I suggest looking at other watches. Parts for highend Seiko will not be available should you need a watch serviced. Out of warranty service will cost an arm. Have a look at the Seiko Brightz SDGM001 or SDGM007, similar in styling to GS and can be found for significantly less than $1000.

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    Re: Suggestion for Grand / King Seiko


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