A Spanish blogger started a photo contest some time ago in his blog.

THE WATCH IN SUMMER is the name of the contest.

All the photos have been putted in the wall of a restaurant in Madrid (Spain) where the people can give his vote.

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Now is the turn to vote through internet :)

Why I tell you about this? Cause will be interesting to have votes from around the world :) From different people, different points of view.

How to vote? Very easy, just go here:

Antonio Roca: Vota por la que más te gusta.

Check all the photos (in total there is 13 photos) and check the names.

Later you go to the left side of the blog, chose which one you like and press VOTO.

You can vote for more than one photo if you like, always that the photo you choose are in different sections. For example, in the photo you can see attached the 4 sections where you can vote, you can give ''just if you want'' one vote per photo per section.

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I'm a participant of this contest, but of course, I will not tell you which two are my photos cause if not will be not nice