Hi I am buying a second Dreyfuss & Co used watch from 2010. I had one prior that was so nice. It was a 2824-2 and ran 1 second fast a day. The one I have got coming says 25 Jewel on the front but I know some newer ones in the model has 26 jewel on the rotor which I assume means they are now having to put the Sellita 26 Jewel in for reasons we all know about. The newer line now says 26 Jewel on the front but now some of their automatics say 23 Jewel on the front. I know the 21 jewel, 25 and 26 but I dont know anything about 23 Jewel swiss movements. Does anyone know anything about 23 Jewel movements? I think I saw an older swatch with a 23 Jewel once. Is it like the Sellita but with just less jewels in the movement or a real movement thats been around flying under the radar of the more common swiss movements or are they just a cheaper movement going into their cheaper auto line?

Hopefully this is a good place to post this question.

Cheers Rob