Tag Heuer or Omega
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Thread: Tag Heuer or Omega

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    Tag Heuer or Omega

    Been thinking about advancing to the next price level of watches but can't decide which route to go. Do I get a Tag Heuer or an Omega for my first watch over 1k.

    Not trying to start a flame war by any means. I really like the Carerra Day Date Caliber 16 for TAG and the Speedmaster '57 Co-Axial Chronograph for Omega.

    Looking for opinions, experiences for each brand. Do you feel Tag is classier than Omega? Vice versa? Does one make a mechanically superior timepiece to the other?
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    Re: Tag Heuer or Omega

    I own both brands and IMHO Omega is the hands down winner. Brand recognition and prestige aside, omega is just a better built watch.

    Take the pieces in your example. The cal 16 is a tired movement it's a base 7750 with little more than a Tag rotor. Some say workhorse I say meh. The 9300 on the other hand is def a level up from Tag's "workhorse" chrono movement.

    Lastly I don't think your comparing apples to apples here, the price difference is nearly 2x when it comes to street pricing. Maybe a Tag cal 1887 vs the Omega 9300 but even that matchup wouldn't be very fair.

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    Re: Tag Heuer or Omega

    This is an unfair comparison as the omega costs 3x what the tag does. The omega is the better watch for sure. What is your budget?

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    Re: Tag Heuer or Omega

    Omega is a better watch than Heuer, but IMHO they are both in the same arena

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    Re: Tag Heuer or Omega

    10000x Omega. Please do yourself a favor and do not get a Tag. A nice JDM Seiko would be a better option than a Tag. If you're getting Omega, never pay retail unless it's impossible to find for a sane price otherwise (such as for a Silver Snoopy Speedmaster)
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    Re: Tag Heuer or Omega

    I own one tag and used to own another tag model but never caught the Omega fever but they do seem a lot more well built than tags but I find the tag designs nicer. Not sure if that helps.

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    Re: Tag Heuer or Omega

    I have had 2 tag F1s over the years (but have been sold off), my favorite watch is a 7 year old aquaracer auto with a 2824-2, I have a SMP chrono and an SMP quartz. buy what you like. I love my aquaracer, but none of the newer TAGs do much for me except the Monaco. and I just don't want to pay that much for a TAG when the same $ could get a Tudor. I personally think marathons are more watch for the $ than the TAGs, but it is your hard earned $ and you should buy what speaks to you. That being said, Tag as of late doesn't seem to be fond of honoring their warrantys. I can say that my quartz omega is my best time keeper, and the detail on my omega chronograph is pretty sweet. but I also love the simplity of my old aquaracer. t
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    Re: Tag Heuer or Omega

    In general, I would opt for Omega over Tag. That said, the Tag 1887 line delivers a lot of bang for the buck.
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    Re: Tag Heuer or Omega

    Omega IMHO, but, you can ease into it with a Tag for less $$...I am a fan of the Carrera and Monaco and may pick up one or both one day even though I have pricier watches.

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    Re: Tag Heuer or Omega

    I'd go with whichever one keeps better (meaning most reliable) time. Not familiar with either movement but I've heard good things about the Omega co-axial

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